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I had a 3 month check up and spine x Ray yesterday… and apparently nothing has happened, other than the healing and setting well process.

Imagine that?! It’s all going ok for a change, well in an already paralysed so it can’t get too much worse kinda way, anyway.

My plants are growing too… I’ve never been particularly interested in what happens in the Spring, garden wise, but this year I am, having planted bulbs, seeds and seedlings too.

Blimey.. no bees at all though. Not seen a single one! I know they are on a massive decline, but seriously, none? Maybe it’s not yet bee season? I can obviously google it but I haven’t. Surely when the plants flower, the pollinators appear, but as yet nothing is landing on my flowers.

If the weather doesn’t kill us directly, the indirect effects of pollution and industry is going to. No bees, less crops etc etc.

What a mess.

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  1. You should protect your seedlings from the frost and hope that the squirrels don’t dig up your bulbs. Love to you as always – Marge x x Miracle grow does wonders as well..

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