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Saw a play last night

It was Fatal Attraction, in Richmond, and I invited Kerry Mc.

The headline actress was Louise Redknapp… ex of the girl band Eternal.

The play was a really, really bad version of the film, which on its day was a massive hit.

Not clear why all the characters had to have American accents… ? Why couldn’t it just have been a British version? It’s bound to be more difficult playing a part whilst adopting a New York accent, and the actors weren’t up to it – though the script was rubbish – so it wasn’t all their fault.

Louse R can’t act though, and has now got a fat arse. C’mon Louise, anyone that came to the play because you were in it , definitely didn’t go because they’d heard you were a fantastic actress. They went because the last time they’d seen you, you were hot. At least play to your strengths, and stop kidding yourself?!

If this play goes on to the West End, I’ll eat my colostomy bag.

And then on the way back, i got a puncture! Its been a while since i had one of those .. probably 2 years. As I’ve got rugged mountain bike tyres on my chair, they’re thicker and harder to puncture, though have lost a fair bit of tread by now. 

Anyway, I got back eventually, though slowly.

I have to get the wheel off when I’m not IN the chair, obviously, which means I have to try to mend it whilst in bed. 

Well you try finding a tiny hole in an inner tube, without the benefit of a bowl of water, all down whilst lying down.. needless to say I needed help, after trying and failing by myself. Thankfully Gina is ( moderately ) good at passing me things I ask for, though nothing any more ‘ practically complicated’ than that. 

Sod’s Law that I was on the cusp of ordering new tyres – now I have 🤦‍♂️ . I had to postpone my booster jab appointment though, as I’m not convinced the tyre will stay up, so I’m going to Halfords to get tyre fix slime put in my tubes… so I can get to the West End tomorrow night for my hot date!

Happy birthday!

On Tuesday it’s my youngest daughter’s birthday. She’s 18.
I haven’t seen her for some years, and in reality don’t really know what she looks like. They change quite a lot between 14 and 18… child to woman ..
I shan’t see her/ hear from her, but I’ll as usual send her something nice.

I never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d be in this situation, along with being paralysed and profession- less.

Anyway I truly hope Amber has a lovely day, with a lot of happiness!


So Pia and i went to see Jimmy Carr on Thursday, in Richmond.
He’s an edgy bugger, for sure. All his stuff crosses the decency line, and tramples on the PC line… but it’s actually a relief to hear stuff said out loud that all of a sudden seems to be from a bygone age.
Yet his audience was definitely 50/50 sex-wise, and mostly young, with lots of teenagers. So the ( actual ) world clearly is NOT …. PC…. It’s just that somehow the majority are tiptoeing around a tiny minority!

He was funny though. Because there are now SO MANY ‘ things you can’t say ‘ there is a vast amount for edgy comics to insult/ ridicule… and he did.

Always good to see Pia – I don’t very often these days – but hey ..

Tomorrow I go to a gig with Jeanette… in Kentish Town. Thé Jade Bird gig I bought tickets for in 2019 has been postponed 4 times, and has even changed venue! It was supposed to be in Shepherds Bush. She was a young starlet when I booked to see her now she’s probably married with 3 kids ….

But anyway! It’ll be good!


Blimmin eck it wont stop raining.

im going to see Jimmy Carr later on in Richmond He’s a funny fella

Mind you its raining sand at the moment – Sahara sand no less.

Apparently A camel came down in Hounslow this morning!!!!!!

You couldn’t make it up !

Blind people

We had a meeting of the Unfortunates last week involving Chris and Paul coming to mine; because Paul got off the bus one stop too late with Bolt the dog they then had to navigate their way to my flat. Now given Bolt didn’t know he was coming to my place and that Bolt doesn’t know my name or indeed speak English.. and that Bolt had only been here once before …. you tell me how Bolt found his way to a flat in Brentford from a starting point he never been before which was a further half mile away then he previously experienced?

How on earth is a dog able to navigate almost a mile from a previously unvisited starting point to a destination he hasn’t been to for maybe six or seven months? To me thats just mystifying!

Anyway it was great to see the Unfortunates…life isn’t easy for at least two of us yet we endure pretty well and that shared experience we have makes us closer.

In fact Paul isn’t the only blind man in my life yesterday I was visited by another blind man who was very very useful – big thanks to Marky P for putting up my new blinds!

Slightly fascinated by the demolItion of the 100 year old warehouses that are next to where i live

This part of London only really had ’ industry ’ for 150 plus years – first the Grand Union canal from Brentford to Birmingham, then superceded by the Great Western Railway branch line to Brentford Dock, on the Thames.

Ships arrived from all over the world, were unloaded by massive cranes, and then the goods loaded onto the canal barges, and later the train carriages, to be conveyed all over Britain

I’m watching the demolItion of the last remnants of all that industry and it’s substitution with apartment blocks and retail space. Brentford ‘ town centre’ will soon have been transformed too. The river Brent, for 150 years hidden by warehouses and industrial detritus, will soon be uncovered and in view.
I don’t think many people realise just how nice it’s going to be. Brentford is a bit damned by its unglamorous sounding name ( which of course only means a ford ( bridge ) over the River Brent ) but it’s in between and adjacent to Kew, Chiswick, Richmond and Isleworth, all of which sound smarter ( and have been for a long time ).

But not for much longer…

There’ll even be an accessible footbridge over the Brent/ Grand Union canal, really near to me.
That’ll be handy! I’m a bit buggered by all the other canal bridges, with their steps and steep inclines.

Knocking down all the dereliction besides my flat gives me a long view of the canal. Next there’ll be apartments built there, but they won’t jut out over the canal in the same way, because they won’t really need to have pulley access to the canal beneath, obviously…

All in all it was a good move to buy in Brentford, I’d say.

God knows what the Ukrainian war will do to property prices In London. There’s lots of Russian cash tied up here. What’ll happen to all the apartments actually purchased with Russian oligarch money I don’t know. There’ll be far more of those than most people imagine.

Might have to change my name from Russ, as well.