Monthly Archives: September 2022

Back in the room.

I know!

No posts for a while.
I’ve been kinda busy with stuff.
Additionally I’ve noticed that since my long depression ( 8 years ) finally lifted, I’ve not written so much. Perhaps this diary has always been a way to ‘ release ‘. I don’t know, truthfully.

So, in a recession now, on the brink of nuclear warfare, and with a post pandemic global cost of living crisis… and it’s now I come good!? Just as everyone else seems to be down. There’s timing for you.

Lucky I get Concessionary tickets for everything then… my own cost of living hasn’t really altered significantly. I don’t have a mortgage, nor a car, I don’t eat much and can’t use much hot water. I also have a jumper for when it’s a bit cold in my flat. Gone are the days of being able to wander around in just my grits.

I’ve just booked a trip to Portugal, for October. That’ll be good!

I’ve seen quite a few plays, and seen a lot of friends. Possibly the highlight was spending the day with 3 of my schoolmates. We haven’t all been together for decades. Extraordinary how you just click immediately back to the old dynamic – which in Wales means just taking the piss out of each other non stop.
Mikey Jenks, still in Wales, Stuey Metcalfe, now in the New Forest, Jeff Thomas now in Australia – all together in a bar in Paddington. Such a laugh.
No one knew Jeff as Jeff. He was always called Clog. Why? Because as a kid he briefly lived in Holland ( of course! ). So for 45 years he’s been called Clog. Makes perfect sense! 😂

Today, as my brother in Florida could have his home washed away, or maybe end up with an alligator being washed through his window on the 4th floor… I shouldn’t be telling my tales of flippancy.

So, signing off


Queen 👸

I have found myself, like most, surprised by how sad I feel about Queen Elizabeth, but also how happy I am to have King Charles..

And I think the Coronation shouldn’t be a scaled down version of the usual one … as proposed, but a proper pageant of old.

Britain only has this scale of royal celebration.
Let’s not do away with it.

Just do away with Prince Andrew and that Meghan..

I went to Green Park. Not that Wheelchair friendly, but hey I’m glad I saw the floral tributes and felt the love. It was very tangible.
Go if you can.

Suddenly the picture I have of me chatting to Prince Charles is quite a lot more special – now he’s the King!

Top day

Had the best day I’ve had for a while recently… seeing my buddy Leigh and his beautiful wife, Bev.

A day in Kew Gardens! In my standy uppy iBot!

I have to say that Bev really is a lovely girl.
Not sure Leigh knows how lucky he is…

Just looking Mister!

Faced with not a lot to do, the other day .. I thought I’d investigate something that I’d heard – that a branch of the GWR ( railway ) was being reopened to passengers, and a new station being opened not far from Brentford.
I looked up the likely location of this and set off for Transport Avenue.. the nearest road to it.

I wasn’t sure what lived up Trans Ave, but soon realised that it was all industrial stuff… including a massive recycling place, fed by huge lorries.

I wheeled up there in my ( relatively weeny ) wheelchair.. often being stared down at by lorry drivers… until I got to the end of it. I couldn’t see a railway line at all… but knew it must be there ( because it is actually currently used for freight services ).

After a while .. this fella in a hard hat and safety jacket came up to me.
He said ‘ excuse me, can I help you ?’

I said I’m looking for a railway line. Is it close to here?

He said… mmm it’s up that way.. but sir, you can’t get on a train there.

I said … I know, but I just wanted to find out where it was, because apparently it may soon be opened as a passenger line.

Right .. he said.. well I don’t know anything about that.. but can you tell me exactly how you got in here?!

I said .. well through the gate.

He said… well you really can’t be in here Sir… please follow me and I’ll escort you out .. a safe way ( aka a route that won’t end up with you being crushed by a 20 ton juggernaut )

Ok, cheers I said … but how do I see the track?

Err.. you can’t Sir.. ( aka Have you escaped from somewhere/ been taking your medication?)



Having lived in London for 30 years plus…. I’d never been to the Notting Hill Carnival.

Well I’m not Afro Caribbean, nor smoke ganga.

But I went this year – just for a look!

Blimey it’s crowded.
Not a place to be in a wheelchair!
You’d be swallowed up .. and crushed by any one of a million ‘ ample’ black ladies.

The atmosphere was brilliant though… and I avoided certain death by joining the procession!
I was next to a lady in a power wheelchair who had a whole wigwam built around her chair?!

I didn’t think that was a black thing – a wigwam – but hey… 🤷

Once in the procession, I couldn’t get out, of course.

Then a lady said she’d take me back to hers for some Jamaïcain lovin.

I’m following her now.