Just looking Mister!

Faced with not a lot to do, the other day .. I thought I’d investigate something that I’d heard – that a branch of the GWR ( railway ) was being reopened to passengers, and a new station being opened not far from Brentford.
I looked up the likely location of this and set off for Transport Avenue.. the nearest road to it.

I wasn’t sure what lived up Trans Ave, but soon realised that it was all industrial stuff… including a massive recycling place, fed by huge lorries.

I wheeled up there in my ( relatively weeny ) wheelchair.. often being stared down at by lorry drivers… until I got to the end of it. I couldn’t see a railway line at all… but knew it must be there ( because it is actually currently used for freight services ).

After a while .. this fella in a hard hat and safety jacket came up to me.
He said ‘ excuse me, can I help you ?’

I said I’m looking for a railway line. Is it close to here?

He said… mmm it’s up that way.. but sir, you can’t get on a train there.

I said … I know, but I just wanted to find out where it was, because apparently it may soon be opened as a passenger line.

Right .. he said.. well I don’t know anything about that.. but can you tell me exactly how you got in here?!

I said .. well through the gate.

He said… well you really can’t be in here Sir… please follow me and I’ll escort you out .. a safe way ( aka a route that won’t end up with you being crushed by a 20 ton juggernaut )

Ok, cheers I said … but how do I see the track?

Err.. you can’t Sir.. ( aka Have you escaped from somewhere/ been taking your medication?)


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