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It’s been 2 days since I ran out of antidep ‘s and I ran it by my Doctor, saying that I hadn’t topped myself yet.

He  seemed quite taken aback at my choice of expression- apparently it means something altogether different to gay men.

So to clarify, I mean that I’m not dead, haven’t committed a gay act, am in good spirits, and will resume my medication on Monday.

My brother arrives in ten minutes, and will make me go out and drink alcohol with him   Luckily I am comfortable with that prospect and won’t resist

His flight is once again delayed, but a few swift ones should sort him out .

My post about a homecoming party was meant as a joke ( obviously) but a few people have said they’ll come, so I thought that The Roebuck in Chiswick, on Saturday after 7…. Would be the venue …..

A table for 4 and 3 chairs should be sufficient .


Big thanks to Mick and Denise for entertaining me this weekend, and to Louis and Peggy for their fantastic hospitality too.







Mother dear..

It’s been an awful long time since my mother last looked after me…

But she’s done a great job these last 6 days or so.
And it’s given us a chance to talk in a way that we probably never would have done if I’d not had this accident.

Frankly I think differently ( and more ) than I did before my crash, so conversations are had that never would have taken place.
I hope that in general that’s a good thing.

My mum’s flown a long way to be here, and isn’t used to travelling alone, so it’s no small feat for her to come, but I know that she’s actually had a pretty good time here ( like anyone else that has visited ) which makes me more comfortable with it.

After her departure, on Saturday, I have 13 more days, 8 spent being tested again to measure any benefits ( or deteriorations ) apparent.

Then home 🙂

The medical verdict.

Report is up. The spine looks fine. There is good alignment and no loosening of the hardware, fusion. I am not sure what the sound is in your back, maybe tight ligaments, but it isn’t your fusion and you don’t have to worry about losing your bottom half!😊

So I’ve been X-ray’d and I sort of sense, from the lack of information.. that possibly all is not totally good.

I think a second opinion is being sought as to what to do next.. though it’s possible that my imagination is running wild.
Either way, my ‘treatment ‘ has been suspended for the time being.

I should hear tomorrow whether or not my top half will remain connected to my bottom half without the need for further surgery.

It’s actually very strange how unemotional I feel about that… the bottom half of me not really much use anyway ( other than looking ok in trousers ).


Having developed some pretty alarming clicking sounds coming from the region of the titanium fixation in my spine, I am currently waiting for an X-ray.

If the screws have come loose, I’m wondering if my Lower half will just fall off?

Home straight?

Gawd, I know I’ve been a bit quiet on this diary for a bit, so an update….

Firstly my big news is that it’s scheduled that I’m outta here on June 5th!

As my ‘treatments’ seemed to be lasting forever, I came up with the ‘genius’ proposal of doing 2 a day.

‘What a good idea!’ seemed to be the response…. that was then implemented.

15 more sessions of electrocution ( they really don’t approve of that terminology ..) followed by post testing of all the measures they did before they started, and then home.

Since starting my regime of one Chill Pill a day, Sod’s Law has kicked in, and I’ve been really busy with visitors and things to do.

Clair’s visit was definitely a highlight ( 5 days with a fantastic friend, and genuinely a lot of laughs and fun ).
We’ve been to cafes, the odd bar, watched films, been wine tasting ( big thanks to Jamie, Whitney, Brian and Jennifer too ),and even been to the Races ( thanks J and C, yet again ).

Doubling the rate of my schedule, going to the gym and having company has seemed to make time run at its normal speed, probably for the first time post injury, it having slowed to a virtual standstill for long, long periods.

When I get back, I’ll look pretty much the same I’m guessing, except for bigger legs.
I’ll have a better voice ( that’s the gym effect ), and a tan ( face, arms and front of legs ).

I use the arm bike crank in the gym here.
It records speed, distance, power etc.
I think it’s worthy of note to record that there is actually an arm bike ‘study ‘ going on at the moment here, as one of the many experiments on paralysed people.
Anyway, one of the participants ( Dan ) was saying the other day, as he cranked away , after doing it every day for 5 weeks, that today he was going for a personal best of 8 miles in the hour allowed.
I did feel a bit bad saying to him that I was doing 12 miles in my own hour long sessions….
But mention it, I did.

Well he’s half my age, for a start!

So, will I get to come back and have an implant, and possibly regain a little function ?
They won’t say, is the answer.
Reading between the lines, i’ve a fair chance, when I don’t know ( 1-3 years? ).

I’ve made it clear that I want to, am an absolutely reliable and disciplined participant in everything they ask of me, and they definitely seem to like my accent.
When I asked Susan ( Big Chief of Everything ) if my attractive accent would put me at the front of the queue ( ‘line’ here )…she just laughed.. but it was a genuine laugh, at least. image



Yes, one of the experiments involves having a man’s head, actually up my arse.