Having lived in London for 30 years plus…. I’d never been to the Notting Hill Carnival.

Well I’m not Afro Caribbean, nor smoke ganga.

But I went this year – just for a look!

Blimey it’s crowded.
Not a place to be in a wheelchair!
You’d be swallowed up .. and crushed by any one of a million ‘ ample’ black ladies.

The atmosphere was brilliant though… and I avoided certain death by joining the procession!
I was next to a lady in a power wheelchair who had a whole wigwam built around her chair?!

I didn’t think that was a black thing – a wigwam – but hey… 🤷

Once in the procession, I couldn’t get out, of course.

Then a lady said she’d take me back to hers for some Jamaïcain lovin.

I’m following her now.

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