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Ronnie Kray

Well I’ve had a ( female ) lodger for a bit.
Guess what? I’ve had to call the police.. she’s a bit light fingered, is young Esme.
‘ Accidentally’ apparently.. packed my possessions into her suitcase after notice was given of parting company.

I’ve been very, very supportive of Esme, this last few months.. she’s not had it totally easy all her life .. but I was warned the other day by none other than her own stepmother that she has a history of being trouble.

Ronnie Kray, I’ll be referring to her as in future. I don’t suppose the police will take any action, as nothing has actually been removed from my apartment… but clearly it’s pretty bloody obvious that that was her intention.

Be warned!
It’s no wonder she didn’t like the internal security cameras being on. Well it’s only the wrong un’s that object, isn’t it?

The Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

I went, with my chum Helen, to see A picture of Dorian Gray last night.
It was very good… of course, it being a classic piece of work by Oscar Wilde.

This particular revival of it featured just the one actor ( and it was a lady ) playing Dorian himself as well as all the other characters. That meant her playing about 9 parts.
There were times when up to 6 of the characters were on the stage at the same time. Clearly that wasn’t possible with just the one actor, so they used a mixture of her and video images to provide all the characters. That made it a half film/ half play, you could say.
You don’t go to the theatre to see a film though, do you? So it could have left you feeling a bit short changed in that sense.

As a production though it did work well, and was unique.

Mind you, if it catches on, what does that do to the acting profession? If one actor can play 9 parts and it’s fine to just include a load of video in a play.. then it would definitely make finding work, as an actor, very difficult.

Call me old fashioned, but give me a cast of nine real people, men playing men and women playing women… in a play… every time.

Having said that, go and see it ( if you can afford the tickets, cos it was a fair bit more expensive than it is usually for me )

It made me refresh my memory about Oscar Wilde himself. If you don’t know or had forgotten, he was a literary genius and a gay man. The latter was illegal in the 19th century, and he served gaol time in the notoriously cruel Reading Prison.

Having been released, he died ( in poverty ) at 46.

Hasn’t the World changed?