Back in the room.

I know!

No posts for a while.
I’ve been kinda busy with stuff.
Additionally I’ve noticed that since my long depression ( 8 years ) finally lifted, I’ve not written so much. Perhaps this diary has always been a way to ‘ release ‘. I don’t know, truthfully.

So, in a recession now, on the brink of nuclear warfare, and with a post pandemic global cost of living crisis… and it’s now I come good!? Just as everyone else seems to be down. There’s timing for you.

Lucky I get Concessionary tickets for everything then… my own cost of living hasn’t really altered significantly. I don’t have a mortgage, nor a car, I don’t eat much and can’t use much hot water. I also have a jumper for when it’s a bit cold in my flat. Gone are the days of being able to wander around in just my grits.

I’ve just booked a trip to Portugal, for October. That’ll be good!

I’ve seen quite a few plays, and seen a lot of friends. Possibly the highlight was spending the day with 3 of my schoolmates. We haven’t all been together for decades. Extraordinary how you just click immediately back to the old dynamic – which in Wales means just taking the piss out of each other non stop.
Mikey Jenks, still in Wales, Stuey Metcalfe, now in the New Forest, Jeff Thomas now in Australia – all together in a bar in Paddington. Such a laugh.
No one knew Jeff as Jeff. He was always called Clog. Why? Because as a kid he briefly lived in Holland ( of course! ). So for 45 years he’s been called Clog. Makes perfect sense! 😂

Today, as my brother in Florida could have his home washed away, or maybe end up with an alligator being washed through his window on the 4th floor… I shouldn’t be telling my tales of flippancy.

So, signing off


One thought on “Back in the room.

  1. OMG, You, Jenks, Metcalfe and Clog all in one bar at the same time? How is London still standing? 😀

    I’ve been missing seeing your posts, I must be honest. But I’m glad you’re no longer depressed. I definitely think the UTIs were partly responsible for your mental state. I’ve seen what they do to elderly members of my family and it’s horrible.

    I do hope Alwyn didn’t get eaten by an alligator!

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