Saw a play last night

It was Fatal Attraction, in Richmond, and I invited Kerry Mc.

The headline actress was Louise Redknapp… ex of the girl band Eternal.

The play was a really, really bad version of the film, which on its day was a massive hit.

Not clear why all the characters had to have American accents… ? Why couldn’t it just have been a British version? It’s bound to be more difficult playing a part whilst adopting a New York accent, and the actors weren’t up to it – though the script was rubbish – so it wasn’t all their fault.

Louse R can’t act though, and has now got a fat arse. C’mon Louise, anyone that came to the play because you were in it , definitely didn’t go because they’d heard you were a fantastic actress. They went because the last time they’d seen you, you were hot. At least play to your strengths, and stop kidding yourself?!

If this play goes on to the West End, I’ll eat my colostomy bag.

And then on the way back, i got a puncture! Its been a while since i had one of those .. probably 2 years. As I’ve got rugged mountain bike tyres on my chair, they’re thicker and harder to puncture, though have lost a fair bit of tread by now. 

Anyway, I got back eventually, though slowly.

I have to get the wheel off when I’m not IN the chair, obviously, which means I have to try to mend it whilst in bed. 

Well you try finding a tiny hole in an inner tube, without the benefit of a bowl of water, all down whilst lying down.. needless to say I needed help, after trying and failing by myself. Thankfully Gina is ( moderately ) good at passing me things I ask for, though nothing any more ‘ practically complicated’ than that. 

Sod’s Law that I was on the cusp of ordering new tyres – now I have 🤦‍♂️ . I had to postpone my booster jab appointment though, as I’m not convinced the tyre will stay up, so I’m going to Halfords to get tyre fix slime put in my tubes… so I can get to the West End tomorrow night for my hot date!

One thought on “Saw a play last night

  1. Saying she has a big bum?
    I’m ever so fattist – it’s not sex dependent.
    Saw Ocean Colour Scene recently.
    Blimey the lead singer was chunky.
    He’s a fella.
    Happy to pass comment.
    It’s my frontal lobe injury inhibition.

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