I met up with my lovely ex colleagues the other day.

Big love to Frank, that I’ve known for 30 years, and was quite influential on my career and life direction, though I’ve probably never told him that.
Frank gave up optics and for some years has volunteered at a hospice as a Welfare Officer.
Given that most of the people there aren’t going to live much longer… it’s an odd title really. His job is to talk to people there, about anything and everything, which he does in his kind and lovely manner, and also to just help them with things they have to do. As he’s a very smart guy, he’s almost certainly the go to guy for the patients when they need something done.
I have to say, I’m very fond of Frank. He’s also the very first gay person I met, and I remember it being quite a shock when he talked about his boyfriend. Im not sure anyone in Pontypool had ‘ come out ‘ up to 1990. They wouldn’t have had it easy if they had to be honest.

The other friend was Irfan, who arranged the little reunion. Lovely, gentle fella, also very kind.
He’s not gay, for clarity.

( Im not either )

We had a great few hours in the sun outside.
That was last week, when Britain basked in sun.
At the moment it’s snowing in Brentford, and I’ve got to get to the O2.. if this isn’t climate change weather… my parents were in the French Alps last week and it was 15 degrees, with all the snow melting. My ex girlfriend is In Mauritius where it’s rained for the last 3 days.

I’m wearing more clothes and have turned my heating down… and the water is on less now.
I can afford the bills, but I do feel for the millions who were just about managing before, but now will have to make choices between heat and eating.
Post pandemic there was bound to be a payback for world populations, but Mr Putin has REALLY made it much worse again

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