Blind people

We had a meeting of the Unfortunates last week involving Chris and Paul coming to mine; because Paul got off the bus one stop too late with Bolt the dog they then had to navigate their way to my flat. Now given Bolt didn’t know he was coming to my place and that Bolt doesn’t know my name or indeed speak English.. and that Bolt had only been here once before …. you tell me how Bolt found his way to a flat in Brentford from a starting point he never been before which was a further half mile away then he previously experienced?

How on earth is a dog able to navigate almost a mile from a previously unvisited starting point to a destination he hasn’t been to for maybe six or seven months? To me thats just mystifying!

Anyway it was great to see the Unfortunates…life isn’t easy for at least two of us yet we endure pretty well and that shared experience we have makes us closer.

In fact Paul isn’t the only blind man in my life yesterday I was visited by another blind man who was very very useful – big thanks to Marky P for putting up my new blinds!

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