Wedding Bells

Reunited for the weekend, Wendy and I are going to my buddy Brian’s wedding to the lovely Macey. Like me, he is paralysed, but he is more so, as he broke his neck diving into a lake on a school trip 12 years ago, at 15.

He’s a brilliant guy, is Brian, clever and funny. He met Macey about a year ago online… yes, you can even get wives on the internet now – who’d have thunk it…?

It should be a lovely day. Brian declined my offer of loaning him my iBot, so he could be taller at the alter etc, preferring to go with ‘ what he knows ‘ ie his everyday wheelchair. So obviously I’m going in it, which for me makes a massive difference at social events.

Wendy looks absolutely, absolutely stunning in her dress ( actually chosen and bought by yours truly. I don’t mind if she upstages the Bride ( although I shouldn’t be saying that! )

I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

It’s the first time I’ve worn a suit in years, but everything still fits me as I have done my best to not ‘ let myself go ‘ despite my obvious inability to exercise in a normal way, and me having more muscles that don’t work than ones that do, so I just thrash the ones that still function, using various things that I’ve found on the internet, and thinking laterally ( as I do ).

I sincerely wish the Happy Couple an amazing day, and as successful a future as possible.


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