🚂 s

I get a train from Brentford to London Waterloo.
Then I get onto a train from there, going to Sevenoaks ( and beyond ).
The trouble is that I’m now at Beyond, since the guard never came to get me off at Sevenoaks.

I ask a fellow passenger to shout for the guard. A lady one eventually saunters up … then is absolutely mortified to find out that no one had told her I was on the train, let alone that she was supposed to get me off ( the train .. )

Now I’m 2 stops further away, because at the next stop I can’t leave the train, because the station itself is below road level, down a flight of steps, and there’s no lift.

Now I’m in Tonbridge

Ok, now I’m off, and someone escorted me off and up a lift, and over a bridge, and down a lift, and onto a train.

Back to Sevenoaks.
Where hopefully I’ll get off.

Let’s see!

Ahhh every day is a bloody adventure, isn’t it.

2 thoughts on “🚂 s

  1. Hey Russ. Presumably you have tried disconnecting the battery, then reconnecting it. This works on cars of same vintage (my old Jeep and Merc), something to do with cached info. Anyway, try it if you haven’t. XM

    1. Hey buddy.
      It’s a pretty complicated bit of kit, and I couldn’t possibly do that ..
      I’ve been talking to someone that knows in the US.
      He says it happened because I wasn’t regularly charging it. .. so a battery cell is now faulty.
      I wasn’t because I 1.forgot 2. Had nowhere to go in it… because everything was shut for a year!
      The ibot refuses to work properly if one cell out of the 72 isn’t A1. Therefore my only option is to replace the batteries ( again! ). And even then there s no guarantee it’ll fix it. So it’s a costly gamble, and then I need someone to actually do the work

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