My iBot

So as the lockdown comes closer to being ( almost ) over, I, like everyone else, start to plan stuff to do. Just imagine… groups of people INDOORS (!) together…?

I booked a table for 5 people for tomorrow, INSIDE the new Brentford football stadium. Not exactly being a football fan, it’s a new thing for me, but hey, here we go

Now I thought I’d fire up the iBot and give that a try. Well it’s far better in a busy place, where people stand up, to be at the same height as everyone else n all.
So , with help, having pumped the tyres up ( electric tyre pump ) and got the batteries charged up, I switched it on last night at 9pm. At that point I’m by myself, so unable to actually get into it and drive it. Anyway It turns on and within a few minutes it starts to flash and beep, with the red EMERGENCY ALERT sign going off. Of course I don’t actually know what this means, except for it being serious.
The alarm sound it’s giving off is quite loud, and it’s parked right outside my bedroom window. I try to turn it off, but now the turn off sequence isn’t working. I try it over and over probably a hundred times.
There’s no way I’d easily sleep if that keeps going all bloody night.
I can’t get in it to drive it somewhere else and hop out again, can I ? So I have to position myself in front of it, facing backwards, and, being just able to reach the joystick, drive it through, and around, all the obstacles on my outside terrace, with it pushing me ( backwards ) im front of it. I can’t see where I’m going, because I’m being pushed backwards, and anyway it’s dark..
To be fair it’s pretty amazing that it worked, and that I got it to where I wanted, but I had to leave it outside ( under cover ) with the alarm going off all night.
This morning, my help, with the benefit of daylight, helped me again. I had this theory that if I blasted the control panel with hot air, it might improve the functionality of the buttons.. so for 10 minutes we had a big fan heater on it.
Well lo and behold that actually worked …. and G helped me transfer to it. The plan was to go half a mile to a local plant sale… which we did…. except almost straight away the red alert siren went off, and stayed going off. In emergency mode it doesn’t really do anything clever ( won’t raise up, won’t go into 4 wheel drive etc etc ) so there s little point in using it. ..
I think maybe that’s the end of my lovely iBot..

There’s a fella called Alejandro in the US that I’ve messaged. If anyone can help me, he can, so I’m awaiting a reply, and in the meantime I’m still using hot air to warm the control panel. It definitely works when warm, and doesn’t when cold. Maybe there’s moisture inside..

End of a little era, I fear!

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