Well you couldn’t exactly call me a film buff, but for what my opinion is worth, you ought go to see Joker. Wendy and I did last night, on a whim.

It is brilliant, and it’ll clean up at the Oscars, you’ll see.

Wendy DEFINITELY isn’t a film buff either, demonstrated by this example.
The film stars Joaquin Phoenix and Robert de Niro. As Robbo dN looks a bit different for some reason in the film from how I think he should look (?) I couldn’t quite place his name at first ( yep, again demonstrating my non film buffness ) but I did know that I’d seen him in Goodfellas the other night and he is a massive star!
So I said to Wendy, feeling a touch embarrassed ‘ sorry, but can you believe I can’t remember his real name! Who is he ?! ‘

She looked a bit blank for a bit, then a spark of recollection crossed her face, and she said …

‘ is it Ronny Corbett ?’


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