I don’t know… I worry about the lack of common sense

Here’s Roger, the Lodger.

I’d put my mobile phone on charge on the kitchen worktop, right.
Now if you were to want to cook something in a frying pan, with a choice of 4 rings to use, and there’s a mobile phone really close to the hob, would you.,

1.  Move the phone 
2.  Choose a ring closest to the phone to put your frying pan on
3.  Choose the ring furthest from the phone to use
4.  Choose the closest ring but move the phone away 
5.  Not move the phone and choose the ring right next to the phone, but then sort of cook with your hand kind of sort of ‘shielding’ the phone from the splatter from your frying pan 

Yep, you can guess which Rog did. Like I said, not of this Earth?

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