Happy New Year!

Back to hospital tomorrow for up to 6 weeks. 

A sense of dread is overcoming me. 
I’m not ‘ready’ to be home, but I still want to be here. 
Just been to see The Hobbit Part 2. 
Really good, except I’ve got to sit at the front, practically next to the screen, from where I miss half the peripheral action and feel like the dragon’s main target is me. 
Yesterday I powered up my hand held video camera. Guess what was on it?
About 25 clips I’d filmed during the morning of the day I crashed.. Footage of us messing about, the cycling, and the incredible scenery. 
I can’t remember ANY of it, so I watched in morbid fascination, knowing that probably 2 hours later my spine was broken and I was in cardiac arrest. 
Still, it looked like a top start to the trip. The sun shone, and the banter flowed ( largely from me, as unofficial every year film maker/ commentator ). 
Didn’t know I’d shared a room with Q, til I saw the footage. 
If I post the video, I’ll edit out shots of his arse, and substitute in Naomi Campbell’s instead. 

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Russ, I hate the thought of you having to go back to hospital after such an awesome trip. But I do think with your new found confidence and sense if achievement, the next 6 weeks will be much more productive than the previous 6 weeks. And then you are done, home for good, with everything to play for! When you get down, remember the feeling of flying down Pico mountain! Lots if love, A

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