From my Mum :)

Glad to hear that you all arrived safely . Dad and I miss you , Dani and the girls very , very much . It’s certainly quieter without Amber’s antics ! 

What a Xmas it has been , utterly incredible . The Russell Dawkins has come back to us in a huge way as we always believed that he would. Well done you darling. I wonder what 2014 holds for you all. It’s going to be a pretty exciting and eventful year of that we can be sure. 

Alwyn’s accident shook us to the core , it was just unbelievable. Thank God he is ok . He skied yesterday in spite of his aches and pains,
much to my amazement but I don’t suppose he has all that much skiing fun time with his mates so must make the most of every opportunity. 

Yesterday we skied most of the day too. The conditions were very difficult, very lumpy ,  following a massive fall of snow. I did fall once but managed all the lumps/ moguls and I felt rather smug about that ( that’s not arrogance but confidence as you would say and you are right ) .

Today I have succumbed to a very heavy cold so am not skiing , it’s a cosseting day . It’s bitterly cold out there and dad’s knees require a rest ! I hate the limitations of age but am glad I am still here to experience them!  Every day is a beautiful bonus for me .

Being with you all for Xmas was a joy . 
Happy New Year to you all.

See you as soon as we return
All our love as always 

Mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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