Here again.

I wheeled into my new ward, St Joseph’s, at 2pm, with Dani and my gorgeous Amber. 

They were expecting me. 
The nurse said ‘ here’s your bed ‘.
 Jesus, the bloke, Paul, who has haunted my every night with his interminable snoring at night and total ignorance during the waking hours in my last ward was……. My room mate here in Joseph’s. 
I looked at the Paul. I said hello. He just looked away. Same old then..
Even Amber was shocked. 
Dani and I had a quiet word with the sister. Please, not again. 
It worked. 
I’m now in the next room, a wall away from Paul. Thank God, I really couldn’t take any more. 
Having said that, who’s to say my new room mate, Brian, won’t be the same after dark?
I’ll soon find out, but at least he’s a friendly soul. 
I can’t figure out why people here should choose to be unfriendly, given we’re all a variation on the same tragic theme – spinal damage. 
Lots here can walk ( badly ) and lots here have a real chance of physical mobility recovery to some degree. 
I don’t, I’m stuck in the chair, but I’ve gotta get better at ‘transferring’ – to beds, cars, seats etc, and to get the right drugs to control the pain I’m in. 
And to wheel my chair a lot better too 
That’s this month’s objective. 
Then they’ll chuck me out. 

1 thought on “Here again.

  1. Hang in there Russ, get through the physio and F Paul. Unfortunately in life we have to confront miserable b’stards, it seems wherever you are. Rise above it, stay strong, as you always do.
    Snowing like hell here, staying well clear of snow plows!
    A xx

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