These last 6 weeks or I’ve been on an online dating site. The one I’m on is one where the women are, well, I’ll just say it.. pretty smart and ‘ successful’ one way or another.
What that means is that I’ve actually made quite a lot of friends, as well as having the odd date.
And it’s really really dawned on me that having ‘ new ‘ friends ( to complement the bloody brilliant ones I had already, like Marky P, Chris Cats, Leigh ( that’s a fella ?! ) Toby, Roy, Cress, Pia etc etc, and not forgetting those in my family ) has altered my world quite a lot, in a very positive way.
I was already very positive, but now I’m even more so, and life is well, just good. The new ones weren’t there before my injury, didn’t know me when I was dying ( several times over ) or as a sportsman etc etc they just know me now… here in a wheelchair, and well, they think I’m alright.

So I’d like to thank Lizzy ( particularly ), Harriet, Susan, and others, for that extra bit I have now in my life.

And I’m going to recommend to you that meeting ‘ new ‘ people is a good thing! We all have long-standing friends, and maybe we think that we have enough and don’t ‘ need ‘ any more, but well, for me it’s been a revelation to be honest.

Just saying !

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  1. What a lovely read 🙂 Russ, as Lizzy has said, you are a welcome addition to our lives too. In my mind, your wheelchair doesn’t define you at all. Your positive mindset and resilience and intelligence are very appealing though and you’re just an all-round lovely person to have in my life so thank you for that xx

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