❤️ conquers all.

And another word about Terry, the loving dad to William, both of whom I wrote about earlier.

William’s vital suction machine got left behind at the airport. I know about these machines because after I awoke from my coma in 2013 they used one on me for a few weeks. When you aren’t able to breathe deeply and cough, and in my case was also on my back for a prolonged period of time, mucous secretions build up in your lungs. As the mucous accumulates it clogs up your lungs and stops you breathing properly, which means that the amount of oxygen in your blood stream drops. As that drops, your body gradually becomes unable to function properly. Below 90 percent oxygen blood saturation seems to set alarms off, so they come and stick this tube down your throat and ask you to try and cough. It’s a horrible feeling, like you are suffocating, whilst it’s in there. The machine sucks the mucous out more efficiently. If you don’t have this done then ultimately you will die.

As Will won’t have his machine, then his dad will fashion a tube, insert it into Will’s throat and then his Dad will suck the mucous out with his mouth, and spit it out. You’d never find a doctor that would do that for a patient, or a carer that would do it for their charge – only someone so devoted would do it. When I told Wendy about Terry doing this I knew she’d say what she did say, that being ‘ I’d do that for you – of course I would! My God, without hesitation !’

Most people who read this would think ‘ I couldn’t do that ‘ That’s the Dilemma of the Day Question then – would you or wouldn’t you? And if you would, then for who?

I remember someone I know whose baby was having great difficulty breathing, as the little chap was so blocked up with snot. As there was no time to waste, this friend ( and Dad ) sucked the snot from his boy’s nose and saved his son. Not very difficult to actually physically do it, but I’d say only a small percentage of people actually would.

I’m not asking for volunteers though, but I always carry a plastic tube just in case you need one.

6 thoughts on “❤️ conquers all.

    1. I don’t recall you sucked the pus out…of his arse blister… but it was in the dark, we hadn’t slept for days, and on a riverbank in a canyon in the Himalayas… and maybe I’ve just suppressed that memory Anna???

  1. I did that for my snuffly blocked up baby, it worked well, my husband then did it the following night for baby!

    1. At first I read that and thought you did that to your husband… I was wondering why he just didn’t blow his nose to be honest!

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