It was my daughter’s 18th birthday yesterday. I had thought that I wouldn’t see her on or around the day, but as luck would have it we were both in Portugal at the same time, so we did meet. Her and her boyfriend came to where Wendy and I are, the evening before her actual birthday, and we had an evening together. They stayed long enough at my place for the last hour to actually be on her 18th birthday.

For me that was a very special thing, having missed quite a lot ( well most ) of her life these last 6 years. She was just 11 when I had my accident and our lives changed significantly from that moment.

Despite having her world sent spinning into another orbit altogether, by my accident, the divorce of her parents, her home changing 4 times, and the stresses of just being a teenage girl ( and the youngest in her year ) she has, through her academic focus, still managed to be offered a place at Oxford University to read English, starting in October. Hopefully her getting 3 A grades in her A levels will be just a formality, and she will go to one of the 2 most prestigious Universities in the country.

I am very proud of her for what she has done, despite everything, and love her very much. I’m glad she found the time to spend the evening with me, and hope there are many more to come.

Her boyfriend has definitely been a pillar of support for her these last 6 years ( yes, he’s definitely a mature kid ) and I thank him too for looking after her. He’s going to Cambridge. Blimey what a brainy couple!

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