Without Dani.

Without Dani.

My long suffering wife has gone away skiing for 5 days on a girls trip.
She returns perhaps just in time to see me leave home off a few days of sun on Wednesday.

I’m pleased she’s getting a break from me, as it’s not easy for her.

So, the lovely Pia has organised a ‘rota’ of girls to ensure I don’t
1. Die
2. Starve
3. Smell
4. Sink into despair.

To that end I’m being fed, washed (delivered to a shower), helped get into my bloody small toilet, and back out again, helped with dressing , taken out, talked to, and generally being shown a lot of affection.

Thanks to Pia, Debs, Chrissie for their forthcoming help and to Saskia,Sarah ( showering) and to Cherie and Cressida in advance too for next week.
Cheers Mac, Larry, Cliff, laura, Bev, James, Rick,Terry , Dan, Chaffs, Tim, Sel, Adam.. God the list is endless.

And may Wales beat England today too.


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