In Octobed there was a Cardiff Uni reunion, in a bar in London
I’d aimed to turn up, if you like as a surprise ( good or bad ) to see a whole lot of my mates from back then.
Uni was the funniest time ever. I can’t even contemplate writing about the stuff we got up to on this public blog.

As it was I never made it in October, it just wasn’t logistically possible. My friends though decided that they’d hold another one – for me- after I’d got out of jail, here in Chiswick.

Arranged by Owain and Dani, about 20 of us met up last night.
I hadn’t seen some of them since 1987.
Obviously in general the girls looked better than the fellas. Whether that was Botox, moisturiser, or self respect isn’t clear. Maybe they’ve just had it easier than the lads?
Am I allowed to say that?

Anyway, it was a really good laugh, and no one had suffered an adverse personality change.
Apparently 2 of them even ‘moonied’ a passing train afterwards…. It wasn’t me by the way – not possible physically.

It was bloody fantastic to see you all.

Let’s have another one soon.


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