Where do I start?

So many people to thank!
My wife is away for a bit, and has taken most of my ‘helpers’ with her.
Double whammy for me.

Never mind, I’ve had volunteers to fill those petite shoes.

Thanks to the lovely Lisa for dinner on Thursday ( we were gonna go to the cinema , but if you’re not that keen on Marvel superheroes or Cameron Diaz, you’re stuffed ).
Thanks to Trudy and to Cress for their care and help in the mornings – I need less help, but having someone around is reassuring, still.

Thanks to Kim for hundreds of things that she does for me.

Thanks to the awesome Kev Nielsen for coming to Stoke Mandeville on Friday, then to the Stand Up wheelchair place with me ( good bit of kit, that ), and generally doing a lot of lifting and carrying, plus making me laugh a lot.

Thanks to Marta for her help on Friday afternoon. Such a great girl!

Thanks to Dan and Sas, and their relatives, for a top night on Friday, and for not dropping me on the deck in the various taxi wheelchair transfers… Few close shaves though, it’s gotta be said ( though we did see the funny side,always ).

Thanks to Larry and Tele, in advance, for tonight.

Christ, I’m watching Lily out rowing on the Thames ( for years I took my kayak and paddled alongside her ) and it is absolutely pissing down.
She’s just come in and walked past me.
Two words, she managed… ‘ not funny ‘..

Yep, I’m with her there!

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