A bit more of what you fancy does you good?

Yesterday, I drove to work without my spirit guide, Pia, following me, met with some lovely staff – Barbara and Vicki, and Debs – attended a little staff training, then facilitated in optometrist training for a couple of hours, on the subject of ‘ethical scenarios in optometry practice’ – an area full of pitfalls to the unwary, I can tell you.
And then, after Scott had helped be back in the motor, drove back – M25 and M4, so the real deal, you might say.
I felt it went quite well, though did feel a little detached from the real world on occasion – plus the real world of practice policy – it feels like I’ve been away for about 10 years.
The more I go in though, the better it will be, through familiarity.

Still not happy being seen in this chair though, I have to say.

Finally, thanks to Nev for pushing me to Poundland – for head torch batteries for Amber’s school camping trip.
You can say what you like about Poundland, but for sweets, deodorant and certain batteries, you can’t go wrong!

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