Well I never.

Fully aware, kind of, that I’ve not said much recently?

I’ve not been at my best, you could say, for a while, but I am ‘ recovering ‘.  I have been doing stuff, for sure. As I’ve oft said, distraction is everything for me. It stops the black dog from hounding around my mind.

I went to the cinema the other day. Never been to see a film by myself, and thought that sounded a bit tragic, but once in there I reckon most other people were by themselves too? And let’s face it, watching a film isn’t supposed to be sociable is it? It’s about you and the screen. Anyway i saw Bohemian Rhapsody and it was pretty good. Old Freddie struck me as a really decent guy, as did all the other band members. It’s funny that in those days ( not long ago ) being gay wasn’t really acknowledged by the public. I mean really? You can’t get much gayer than Freddie, with his moustache and flamboyance, yet none of us really thought about him being gay. I remember being told he had AIDS and it was a genuine shock, as didn’t only gay men get that…? Bonkers in retrospect.

Theyll be telling me Elton John is gay next.

4 thoughts on “Well I never.

  1. So glad you treated yourself to Bohemian Rhapsody! I enjoyed it very much when I saw it. Learned a lot about Freddie and the group that, as a Yank, I didn’t know.

  2. Welcome back! Yes I was beginning to worry you’d been absent for a while. Hope everything’s gradually sorting itself out. How’s Fanny coping? Must run in the family – Mark’s Dad used to breed budgies. I first met him at the National Caged Bird Championship (or something similar) at Alexandra Palace! He won cups!!

    Auntie Mxx

  3. I remember telling my Mum years ago that the hairdresser I went to was gay and she thought I meant he was happy, When i explained to her what being gay meant then she that she had never met a gay person before . I don’t know what she was expecting. Love to you, Margaret xx

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