Today I’m catching a train. Trains make me nervous as I am TOTALLY reliant on the rail staff being at the right place at the right time, with ramps to get on and off the bloody thing. If they don’t appear I’m either stuck on the platform or stuck on the train. You have to pre book it all, so in theory it is going to work… but there’s always that very large element of doubt in my head.

Perhaps one day they’ll have accessible trains? Or at least one carriage, or a raised section of platform like they have now in the accessible tube  stations… we live in hope then.

Last night I also missed something, again through  the fear of an unknown. I’d been invited to something where I didn’t know anyone, in a bar. For me there’s the issue of ‘ well what if people don’t talk to me, or aren’t that helpful if I’m on my  own. Far from everyone is, so I sent an email with my ‘ concerns’ to the organiser. She didn’t reply, so I’m guessing that she felt uncomfortable with the situation too. So I didn’t go.

Ahh this wheelchair thing!

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