It’s dawned on me, since my injury, that the aspect of people that is the most attractive, is the caring side.

Not everyone has it, or exhibits it, but those that dont suppress it, or  who show it without hesitation or embarrassment are indeed special people.

Is that the real definition of ‘human’ – I’ve not looked it up – I don’t have to .

Over the last  few weeks I’ve seen it in Andy, Vanessa, Emma, Adam, Cressida and so many others.

Special all mention has to go to Chrissie, Debs, Lisa and Pia, who in Dani’s absence   ‘looked after’ me for 4 days.

Before my crash, I’d never have thought this character trait as the number 1.

Wit, looks, success probably all ranked higher. Now, those are desirable still, but completely secondary to my new realisation.

Those 4 girls were just incredible, and I can’t thank them enough.

This week, I’m experiencing ‘man love’ in Terry Rodham, who is taking care of me for a few days away in sunny Portugal.

UV and exercise is the remit – Christ that all terrain wheelchair is hard work.

What with my weight, and its’ my arms are pumping a 100 kg through the soft sand.

I’ll be on Worlds Strongest Paraplegic before you know it

Idea for a TV show, anyone?

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