I saw Pia last night ( we were out at our friends, Richard and Trudy’s, with Cliff too ).

We were talking at dinner, just her and I , and she told me about her coming to Toulon to see me, 3 days after I’d crashed.
Her time there was limited, and when she left for home I was in a coma.
She described how it felt, walking away and thinking that that could well be the last time she saw me alive, and how much she regretted the number of times that I’d, say, offered her a cup of coffee, and she’d been in too much of a hurry to have one, and now it was too late.
I think she promised herself that if I survived, she’d never ‘make that mistake’ again.
Well you could say that she hasn’t… And I couldn’t have a more devoted friend.

For which I’m truly grateful.

I suppose there’s a lesson there, for all of us.

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