Mister Blister and his thank yous

Me. Same guy, different set of tubes.
Yes ! 7 hours sleep, more or less in one go. That’s a first for ages. Hopefully I’m getting my body clock more or less sorted?
Breathing was ok during the night too – if I can’t breathe properly I can’t sleep. 

Wanna thank the multitude of people who came to France to see me. Some I’d not seen for years, which makes it all the more touching. 

My Mum and Dad were there for 5 weeks as was Jenni, my Mum in law, my 2 brothers (Dumb and Dumber) came, and duly entertained everyone with stories of our growing up..

                                   Lisa and Andrew came, Debs Watson, Emma A-F

James and Bev, Chrissie, Nick Teasdale ,Helen and Sel, Beana from blimmin Scotland, Melissa, Samantha ( my amazing Sisters in Law), doctor Al and Wendy, my ‘special’ mate Gerry,and Karena who flew in from Ireland, Mad Nicola came, as did Olly, Sian James, Tele and Nicola, obviously Larry and Sarah, Mac and Laura, and others that I can’t recall , through being in a coma to be fair….

The award for most visits goes to my very special friend, Dan White (and his wife Saskia) who I hear came SEVEN times..!

I feel truly honoured to have attracted so much attention just from falling off my bike…..

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