Middle of night.

For probably the last 14 nights my legs have spasmed and twitched every night, all night , every 5-50 seconds.

Its best compared with a midget hiding under your bed, giving it a good kick at regular intervals

I can’t sleep, and neither can poor Dani, who deserves it less than me.

Ive tried stretching them, massaging them, getting in my standing frame, cycling them to loosen the muscles ( all 4 today ) but to no avail . Sometimes I hit them as hard as I can – out of sheer frustration – pointless limbs, whose only raison d’être is to keep me awake

When I go away for some reason, although it’s always hard to cope with, I do always think that at the very least it gives Dani a break from me, and my’shit’.

I try to explain this to her, but I get nowhere.


For  the record, it is how my brain works.

4 thoughts on “Middle of night.

  1. Russ, is the twitching normal? Have you been able to discuss it with a professional for a perspective? Must seem like you can’t get a break, right?
    It’s not the same as a midget though, trust me.
    Love Alwyn

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