Messages from lovely peeps

From Sian James:

So pleased that Russ is back,enjoying seeing his friends. I am pleased that Danielle is managing to get a holiday with the girls.

The blog is such an amazing tool for those who care but who may not be close enough to Russ and the family to feel that they can visit. I know so many people who check daily to get an update on his development . Russ is such a character and has the constitution of several oxen , it just helps to will him on.

Aunty Wendy and John:

Hello Sweet-pee,
Fantastic news and pictures!!!!
An excellent result, brought tears to my eyes, such a difference to when I was with him in Toulon.

Still trying to decide when to come!
When you next see Russell tell him I love him x

Take care my friend
Aunty Wendy and John x x

 Jade Rodham:

Hey gorgeous,

How you doing? I just wanted to send you a little message to send you a big fat cuddle and kiss which I will deliver in person soon, Telstar is coming up to visit today but I cant as im full of cold and chesty cough so obvs dont want to be bringing my germs to see you……….BUT I will be up soon I promise. Ill get all the mushy stuff out the way first, I know you probably hear it every day but I can’t stop thinking about you ( not in that way you dirty bastard) but just what you have been through and how far you have come. I wish you all the best Russ, you are amazingly strong both inside and out and I know you are going to come through this. It is a long road and im sure that there will be up’s and downs along the way but you have sooooo many people around you who love and admire you that are going to be there as and when you need them.

Anyway enough of that stuff cause you know how we all feel about you and I dont want to delay your departure any further due to your massive head that wont fit through the door!

I know you like to see some piccies so I have dug out a few for you to take a look at!- see attached! ( some of you, some of your lovely wife & her bottom, some silly ones of chris and adam just to make you laugh!)

I also had a little look for something that I thought you might like to read, I know you are recieving lots of physio input these days so I found a paper that kind of explains some of the stuff they are doing with you, you probably already know it knowing you, you have quizzed the physio’s whilst visualising kicking them in the tits!! Ill send it in a separate email, let me know if you cant view it and ill print it off and bring with me.

Right I wont bore you any more, I will see you soon

Lots and lots of love


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