Huge Day!

Fantastic news today from Emma and Jerry Aldous Fountain;

Lissy, Jerry went again today to see Russ and happened to be there for this!  Loads of love Ems xxx

3 thoughts on “Huge Day!

  1. Russ we are here at Lakeside all routing for you! Molly can’t wait to see Lily, in fact all the kids can’t wait to see Amber & Lily tomorrow. We still laugh about you presenting Pedro with an Olympic medal last year! Next year we will be presenting you with one for sure! I love reading this blog it’s so inspiring – I was incredibly shocked to hear about your accident as was all of Lakeside August gang but amazed with your courageous attitude – keep it up Russ!! All our love – Jo, Simon, Molly & Harry (hope you remember us! I’m the blonde short haired one!!!!!!!) xxxxx

  2. Amazing! Keep it up Russ. We have been following your blog since the we found out about the accident and this pic sums up just how resilient and determined you are. Can’t believe how much progress you have made in the last couple of weeks Will try and get along to visit you next week.
    Best wishes,

    Mark & Kate Pritchard

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