As I’ve lain here pretty vulnerable and weak, it’s surprised me how often and how many of you have described me as inspirational.
I’m not really sure why I deserve the compliment any more than most, but thank you.
A lot of people have kind of assumed that I’ll be rowing the Atlantic by Xmas.
In fact, the current reality is that I hope to get well enough before too long to just cuddle up on the sofa with my Lily and Amber, and Dani, and feel their love, thankful that  I’m alive to do so.
After that, who knows?
Lots of people with injuries have gone on to achieve all kinds of feats.
Will I want to? I’ve no idea. At the moment sitting up for 30 mins hurts a lot, so I’d rather lie down!

I don’t think you can know until you’re in the situation.

I’ll be sure not to change into a grumpy git , I won’t stop drinking ( tho the Mosh Pit at gigs may be out of bounds) and ill always try to stay pretty fit, for my own self esteem.
I’m looking forward to being given a blanket and the best seats at sports events too.

I imagine I’ll get more time with my girls by eg NOT going canoeing in the dark after work, or going off all the time on sports trips..? Only time will tell.
Whatever, I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy.

PS You all see Bolt?What a specimen.

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Maman Jenni

Hey Russ
You really are an inspiration by virtue of your beautiful thoughts and the way you express them. It is such a joy to read your blog. You are the first thought when I wake and the last thought before I fall asleep at night. We both are so proud of you and really do feel you are destined for great things. I'm sure cuddling up to your beautiful daughters and your wonderful wife won't be too far away. You will dig deep and surprise us all.
With very much love
Grandolph and Paul xxx

2 thoughts on “Inspirational.

  1. Russ, don’t be so bloody modest. You’ve always been inspirational, I don’t think any of us are surprised at the courage and determination you have shown throughout your recovery and we all believe you will find the way to turn this set back into something amazing. Can’t wait to see you on the slopes again, it’s only a matter of time! Love you bro.

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