And this is written by my Bestest Friend ! ? 😂

From Pia.

I think this is ( possibly ) written with her tongue in her cheek, but I’m not absolutely certain…

Re Charlie’s comment….
‘is it you’re too demanding of your carers?’.
How could he possibly come up with a suggestion such as this?…

All you’re asking for – is someone who shows all the qualities a Carer should naturally have, including the need to be: compassionate, empathetic, use initiative, be helpful and supportive, and understanding of your needs including what you can and can’t do, be responsible etc…

…And then of course there are the – not so obvious ones including:

Accompany you cycling 🚴‍♀- almost daily, keeping up with Triride going 10 miles an hour (often straight through red lights), covering a fair amount of mileage without complaining, and keep to rules including – not to cycle too far ahead , or behind (or to a storage company which was not being factored into the plan).
Accompany you to gigs the carer has never heard of – when girlfriend or friends are not available.
Be awake when you return from a gig (ranging anywhere between the hours of 11pm to 2am). And be perky and welcoming and not look tired, let alone – mention being tired or how late it is.
Be perky the following day, when you request tea, blinds up, doors open, more tea, fruit salad, more tea etc…
Provide meals (to someone who insists they don’t eat a lot) – and then not question a diet which is far from ordinary, and something you’d usually associate vegans or animals eating … and again not question extraordinary food combinations that are suggested would go well together.
Take breaks throughout the day, and never mention being tired if Carer hasn’t managed to sleep after gig nights, due to interrupted sleep.
Understand Welsh humour and not take offence, when the humour is clearly offensive.
Be able to keep up with conversation on pretty much every subject, show interest and have input into conversations, and make conversation without being prompted.
Understand the need for hooks, nails etc to be put into walls on a daily basis, and stand and assist – handing tools over whenever needed (and not anticipate which tool will be used from the ever expanding various tool boxes/draws/wall magnets).
Clean flat to an OCD level (which is justified as be ‘basic cleaning’).
Watch movies, which are predominantly terrible ones, but agree that they are brilliant.
Be up for listening to music at a high volume, but understand the necessity to ask other neighbours to turn theirs down at times….

Seriously?! You’d think Charlie would get that being a Carer in the Russell Dawkins household is blimin easy?! 🤷🏼‍♀


One thought on “And this is written by my Bestest Friend ! ? 😂

  1. Russ, your friend Pia is very funny.
    Ps: You rarely mention the other people in your life and I do read your blog on a regular basis……is there not much on in the policing world at the mo? Xx

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