My last day with CERA ‘ carers’

It doesn’t matter that I say it every day- that he CANNOT give me boiling tea, as it’s so easy for me to tip it over myself and burn myself in bed.
5 mornings in a row I’ve had the same conversation.
He’s a nice bloke, and has no Malice, but seriously?
What the f*** is so complicated about my request for not hot tea.
He even goes away and brings it back, the steam still roaring from the mug, and says ‘ is that ok now?’ when it’s so overwhelmingly obvious that the liquid is still at near boiling point.

I have said probably 20 times to just stick his finger in and test it
– that I don’t care.
But he can’t do that, because ‘ that would be wrong ‘ so he risks giving me third degree burns instead.
Well that makes perfect sense, right?

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