Well I go to the theatre a bit, what with getting concessions on tickets.
Most shows I see are ok, and some are much better than ok.
And some are brilliant – like Til the Stars come down.

I’ve never seen anything truly dire.

Well I hadn’t til last night anyway.

Me n Gina G went to see a new musical called Opening Night, starring Sheridan Smith, who is a really talented singer and actress.

But Christ alive, it was just shockingly bad.

Musicals ( not my thing really ) are always at least a bit upbeat, always have a repeating catchy tune and are easy enough to follow

Jeez, Opening Night isn’t any of those. Instead it’s confusing and depressing, and doesn’t have any songs that are in the slightest bit memorable I don’t think they even sing the same song twice.
Actually they don’t sing much at all.

I’ll be amazed if it doesn’t completely bomb.

Shame for Sheridan. God knows why she would agree to be in this.

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