Ronnie Kray

Well I’ve had a ( female ) lodger for a bit.
Guess what? I’ve had to call the police.. she’s a bit light fingered, is young Esme.
‘ Accidentally’ apparently.. packed my possessions into her suitcase after notice was given of parting company.

I’ve been very, very supportive of Esme, this last few months.. she’s not had it totally easy all her life .. but I was warned the other day by none other than her own stepmother that she has a history of being trouble.

Ronnie Kray, I’ll be referring to her as in future. I don’t suppose the police will take any action, as nothing has actually been removed from my apartment… but clearly it’s pretty bloody obvious that that was her intention.

Be warned!
It’s no wonder she didn’t like the internal security cameras being on. Well it’s only the wrong un’s that object, isn’t it?

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