Happy Easter.

I saw a fantastic play on Friday.

Hills of California is very, very good!

Go and see it before it ends.
It’s a happy and sad play, happy before sad.
A happy family and then a not so happy outcome.

For me it struck a chord I suppose. I am part of a very dysfunctional family… that in years gone by wasn’t that way. I mean it was never perfect, not by a long way, but it’s nowhere near the sh**show it is now.

Anyway… Happy Easter!
If it wasn’t for paralysis I’d no doubt still be paddling in the Devizes to Westminster Canoe race this weekend. Age is no barrier.. but paralysis definitely is !

So it’s TV and chocolate instead..

Give me the cold, wet, dark Thames anytime.


Well this year DW never got as far as W..
The last 26 miles of the race is on the Tideway, from Teddington to Westminster.
Well this year the authorities ( the PLA ) said that the river was flowing too fast so it was too dangerous. Tbh as a canoeist, it’s more dangerous further upstream than it is on that part, so that doesn’t really stack up.
The real reason, I think, was that the river was too turdy. Loads of poo in the water isn’t a positive.
By rights the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race should have been cancelled, on pollution grounds, but obviously that’s far too big a global event to cancel…. TV rights and sponsorship etc etc. It’s not about the health risk to the athletes! That’s a minor issue.
So they let that slide then .. but cancelled the final leg of the ( far harder but far less commercial canoe race ).

💩💩 🛶💩🛶💩💩

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