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Got this one as well

From someone called ‘ you don’t know me but I know you ‘

( me – Well clearly then this person doesn’t know the truth – if I don’t know her – and she has only heard the Big Fibber’s version )

‘ I don’t blame your wife in the least and we all know (as do you) what you did in your marriage before your accident.( Me – yes I had an affair – as do half the world- and that’s why we got divorced – but most people post divorce just get on with their lives – rather than persecute their disabled partner for 8 years In addition you have to remember that the years prior affair revelation did give her the perfect GET OUT OF JAIL card. Having to stay with someone paralysed and in a wheelchair is far from everyone’s cup of tea. Most people don’t want that ! Her life un encumbered by me allows her every freedom to live a normal life. She perhaps should be thankful for that Get Out. But the persecution ever since? Nope – that’s just vindictive )
Christmas parties…. ( me – did I pull crackers ) It makes complete sense she’d withdraw that money before you did ( me – hang on what money??? There is a missing few hundred thousand that’s never been accounted for. Please email again and explain that part. That’s most interesting ) it yourself and used it as a weapon, ( me – haven’t mentioned her for a LONG time actually )
much the same way as you do your posts.
No wonder she drank wine, props ( me – props ? )to her for not seeking something stronger. You awful *****+++++ ( me – swearing is unnecessary )

You genuinely are showing everyone who you really are all by yourself. ( Me – well that’ll be the factual version- so happy to correct your misinformation. X whoever you are. But please tell me about the money she withdrew in your next email )

Why are you getting into a really big right flap about it anyway… ? Such a flap – odd

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