Ahh the identity of the mystery comment is revealed. Absolutely recognise the language of my former drug addict ex – Ashley. The ( dyslexic ) typos give her away. Like Poirot – me
I’ve always been spot on at recognising people’s writing styles/ skiing technique from afar and running/ walking gaits too.

She says ( amongst other things )

( me – ‘ Pity party ‘ – pure Ashley )

I was referring to the £4k that YOU mention. ( me – that was the money stolen from Lily’s fund by her lovely mum ) that otherwise you’d have taken yourself. Even from your one sided posts, it’s really clear why your daughters don’t speak to you.
( me – I invited my daughter to mine and said ‘ phone this number for a lovely surprise .. only to find the fund had been emptied. Clearly I wouldn’t have dreamt of taking the money I was actually still putting in. And it’d be daft to invite my daughter around to hear that actually I’d stolen it back myself 🙄 )

Do some reflecting and work on yourself, don’t swallow the scorpion.

(Me – pure drug addiction therapy phraseology. Nice to see you are still bitter I left you Ashley. )

Gawd all this is an unexpected bonus night out.
🤷 Happy to carry on the conversation offline. I’ll just unblock you on WhatsApp.

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