I’ve had my first, and second, independant  drive.

Ok, the first had Pia driving close behind me in her car, in case I crashed or something, but today I was all by myself.

I had had help getting in and out, and with the stowing of my chair etc, but it’s a step forward.

If  I were to crash and the car caught fire, then that  would be it, but what are the chances of that?

My bloody feet won’t stay on the foot rest of my chair, instead are falling off the front and kind of skimming along the ground, potentially causing an accident, so I’m hoping there’s an adjustment that can be made to my footrest to make them stay put?

Emily, my God daughter, took me for a haircut, and an ice cream just now. Was lovely to be out with her. I wonder if people thought she was my carer, daughter, or if I was loaded and she was my gold digging girlfriend ?

Who knows?

Whatever, it was lovely to see her.

Ive had my brother Alwyn’s and Nadia’s 2 youngest staying for the last 4 days – a dose of London for my girls’ American cousins. My girls loved having them around – acting as tour guides, you might say.  I’m sure that London is a fairly eye opening  place for 2 young kids, but they didn’t seem too fazed. Good on ’em.

Its t’s been great having them here, but at the same time bloody frustrating that I couldn’t do any of the things I used to be able to do, with them.

My weird world continues..

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