In France, if you break your back, and your spinal cord, you’re kept in hospital for at least a year.
Indeed, when Dani asked, whilst in Toulon, when I’d be home, that was the response.
Imagine her reaction.
I’d gone cycling for the weekend and it would be June 2014 before I was back..

Once back in the UK, the philosophy is very much to teach patients the bare minimum and then to get them out of hospital.
I don’t believe that’s to give people back their lives, rather that it’s a funding issue.
Which is best?
I wouldn’t want to have stayed in Stoke Mandeville until June, but was I equipped to leave? Barely.

So the reaction of my French instructor, having seen me skiing only 9 months post catastrophe, was understandable.
In France, year perhaps would have gone by before a patient was allowed to ski.
Which puts me ahead of the game, arguably ( although a million miles behind the one I was playing before ).

So what can I do now?
Get onto the loo… Sort of.
Get back off it…. Depends.
Get into a car… With help.
Out again.. Same.
Drive.. Yes
Alone?… Not tried.
Get my chair into the car and out… Badly.
Ski…. Yes, with falling over.
Get into the ski device… No, 3 people help.

Shower… With help.
Shave.. Yes
Sh@@… With my own help.

Go upstairs … No

Remember things… Worse than before.

Pee myself… Yes, without knowing it.

Be myself… No, not really.

Be optimistic about my future… Not sure.

Be helped by loyal and incredible people…. Yes.

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