This dentistry malarkey in the lockdown. No dental appointments available when my front tooth came out again.
This time I thought I’d give it a proper go. I mean how hard can it be, working blind inside your own mouth?

But I used a bit of nous and reasoned that the reason it wasn’t staying in was cos the tooth had bits of dental glue on it that made it not fit in properly… so I kinda shaved all the bits off that I thought were glue rather than tooth.
Hey Presto! It fitted in much better.

Superglue again – this time not getting it on my fingers. Last time, that happened and I had this tooth stuck between the finger and my thumb of my left hand, when actually I wanted to put it in with my right hand. … it wasn’t my finest hour.

But this time … different story!

I’ll add dentistry to the list of my, er, talents then.

See here for all you need for home crown replacement ..

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