My daughter Lily socially distancing threw me a few little chocolate rock cakes over my fence the other day, having also gone to the pharmacy to collect medicines for me.

There’s a reason they are called rock cakes, as became apparent to me when I bit into one and my front tooth broke off.

It’s a great time to lose a front tooth, when you can’t get a dental appointment for any reason other than absolutely stark risk of death from an abscess that has taken over your whole head… so obviously I tried superglue.

It’s wonky and wobbly, but hey it’s ok looking from a social distance!

One thought on “Ffs

  1. One of my crowns fell off day after lock down. Denture didn’t fit properly so wrapped in tissue. Second crown now fallen off and yes, you guessed it, can’t find denture. Think it’s gone in the bin. Ffs.

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