Seems a bit daft but I didn’t know until 2 days ago that I was given no chance of living, post accident.
My brain scans showed no activity at all.
( probably wouldn’t show a lot now 😂)

But yes, I really really really wasn’t supposed to live , let alone be okish mentally.
Well I’m apparently not the same as before but I’m sharper than quite a lot … I think?

Today I drove my van. Scary.
Met my mum and dad 60 miles away.
Wasn’t easy tbh.

But once back it got worse. Everything in the van transfer thing had gone tote up.
Thank God for Marky P.
He rescued my ass yet again.

He really is an amazing friend.
And the loveliest fella too.

If I was gay….

Well there’s zero chance of that so sorry Mark.
If you were gay that is.

Which you aren’t.

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