To say I got wet yesterday would be an understatement.
After a visit to Buckingham Palace no less, like you do, and seeing the 33 acres (!!) of the Queen’s central London back garden ( who’d have thought it was that big, AND had a lake in it ?! … the rains came down.
Lizzy went home by train ( with delays apparently ) and I thought I’d get a Tube.
Well blimey, the whole network must have flooded, because I only got a few stops and had to get off. Thankfully it was at Earl’s Court and there was a lift. I don’t think they really give any consideration to people caught underground in wheelchairs to be honest… but anyway..

I then had to get back through totally gridlocked London by wheelchair. Tbh I think I was probably the fastest moving thing on the roads, given everything else wasn’t moving much, but I got ABSOLUTELY DRENCHED. And I mean completely. I don’t think it would be possible to be any more wet. My coat proved ineffective, as my shirt underneath was as though it had just been pulled out of the bath.
Having got home and with no Carer there, it’s virtually impossible for me to dry. Well I can’t get up, off the soaking seat I’m on. I can’t change my trousers or anything like that.
I turned on a powerful fan heater and there I stayed, being careful my insensate legs didn’t catch fire. Hours later I was fairly ( only ) dry.
If I hadn’t been disastrously metal over fixed, I’d probably cope… but now I can’t. If no one is available to help me, then I have to just stay soaked until they arrive…which is what I had to do.
This blinking weather… ?! Never seen rain like that in London, that’s for sure.

Climate change is a very visible reality.

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