I went to Smithfield Market today.
I read about a few things that perhaps they wanna bring back…..?!


5 thoughts on “EC1

  1. Hi Russ,

    I was trying to find some info in an old email when I found an email from Anna in 2019 with your blog note about ‘Harold Shipman’ – he who had grit in a cheeky painful place and the locals thinking you where a Doctor! I read it at the time but never picked up on were it was from (ie your Blog). Today I read it again, but this time took the time to find your Blog, which I’ve spent the afternoon reading.

    What can I say, there are no words to describe what you’ve been through, especially the dark times, but what I read now is all positive – like the Action Man I had the pleasure to know and race with in the Raid Gauloises – Trans Himalayan 🙂

    Easier to say that do, but stay positive, life is sounding better and if you’d like to swing a lantern over a few beers, that would be nice, drop me an email. If I’m here, I’ll pop into London to catch up.

    All the best


    1. Ski, my old friend!
      Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. Yes I’d love to see you buddy!
      Russ x

  2. Not sure you’d find many buyers though. It’s a bit like the reviews on Amazon “advertising made it look great, but didn’t perform as expected: would not buy again”. 😀

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