And of course having written a post about things going better for me, I then have a sleepless night of horrendous spasming. That’ll be Sod’s Law then…

As it came a bit out of the blue, I’m now analysing what I did differently yesterday. The most likely villain was my consumption of blackberry pie, which although absolutely delicious was possibly ( to my metabolism ) fairly toxic. I’ll leave it for a week and try blackberries again and see what happens.. knowledge is power after all.

Something else happened yesterday as well. It seems that just because you have a stoma and your bum hole is relocated elsewhere ( essentially ) your old bum hole is still liable to ‘ shed bodily substances ‘. Well fuck me, the stuff that your digestive tract produces to make your poo slide through your body is actually the reason why your poo stinks. When that stuff just comes out by itself, without the poo to make it smell nicer, it’s atomic. Since I don’t have the capacity to sort myself out, then it fails to the person(s) I am with to hopefully help me ( ie do everything ) A strong stomach is a requirement, to say the least.

Wendy certainly lucked out when she met me….

Thanks to Mr and Mrs Marky P for dinner at theirs last night, and for the 🥧 of course.

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